Bolivian Restaurant Review: Factory Bar and Grill - Santa Cruz, Bolivia

by Trent Wauson
(Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia)

For those of you who enjoy the Olympics as my wife and I do, we recommend you go to Factory Bar and Grill and sit at the bar. We did yesterday and watched 3 different events on their five TVs and I even got to watch 2 guys hitting each other in the head (a great boxing match) while it roared and poured down rain. While we watched, I ate a T-bone steak which turned out to be a 500 Gram Porterhouse of aged perfectly Argentine beef, cooked to perfection. (They described their in-house aging process to me or I would not have ordered it...they did not lie! Best steak I have eaten in Bolivia...see the photo.) It came with real in-house fried potato chips and a delicious grilled eggplant/zucchini combo. All grilleds are on wood. BTW I had to start with their Gulf Boiled Shrimp which is divine. They served us a courtesy frozen mojito which was outstanding...went perfectly with the rain and Olympics viewing. (The 5th screen had Soccer of course.) And that 110 Bs burger others mentioned was a 500 gram...that's 1.1 pounder...double decker monstrosity. The regular burgers are between 50 and 60 Bs and they say all burgers are Argentinian aged beef. When you go...sit at the bar, ask for Javier who is a trained Master Bartender and tell him Trent from Samaipata sent you...just watch what happens...he speaks English.

Av. Velarde #300
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
Phone 336-4300

Note from webmaster:
Trent Wauson, of San Antonio, Texas and his wife Rosario, of Cochabamba, Bolivia own the Posada del Sol Hotel and Luna Verde Resto-Bar in Samaipata, Bolivia. We thank Trent for his frequent reviews of Bolivian restaurants. A chef himself, Trent is well qualified to review food fare and we're grateful for his contributions.

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