Biking the Road of Death Isn’t for Wimps. Driving it's no Picnic Either!

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Biking the Road of Death Bolivia is not for the faint of heart. The dangers are real. Between 100 and 300 people die in accidents on Death Road each year. Use the links above and below to see a description of the Bolivia Road of Death, find a tour operator if you’re planning on biking the road of death, visit our Death Road Bolivia forum, get general tourist information on the tour and the region, find hotels, learn about La Paz and Coroico, view a map, and more. Below you’ll find documentary videos and home made movies and photos of the “Camino de la Muerte”, the most dangerous road in the world.

Thank you to Juan Fernandez Bocangel, a childhood friend, for sharing the above video. He now works for the same organization my parents worked with when we were children. In this video you'll see what it's like to drive Death Road and cross a dangerous wooden hanging bridge (by car!), and you'll get to see the town of Caranavi, which I mentioned on our Death Road Home Page. He's taken great footage of the surrounding jungles and mountains, rivers and villages as well. Gracias Juanito!

Death Road Home   Tours   Forum   Coroico   Photos   Map   Info

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