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Sustainable Development in Vallegrande

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Eva and Fidel, born in Vallegrande, Bolivia, spend their days raising children, planting gardens for family consumption and collaborating with the community (especially with the cultural, social and ecological consciousness of young people).

This community needs training to develop job opportunities, mainly for young people and avoid the exodus of youth to the cities. They need training in English, computer, high school education and volunteers collaborate with this. Moreover, young people need to be heard and improve their self-esteem.

Vallegrande is a beautiful place, a moving symbol. One of the greatest heroes of Latin America, Che Guevara, was captured and killed. Therefore, you can see where he spent his last days in the jungle, where he was exposed and photographed after his death and buried. Promoting exchange is the greatest challenge for volunteers. For more information, contact them below or visit their website at www.VoluntarioGlobal.com.ar

Volunteer in Bolivia | Volunteer Forum | Live in Bolivia | Plan Your Trip

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