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Setting Up Your Household Utilities

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Expat Services can help you choose and hook up all utilities.

Getting all your utilities and basic services hooked up is one of the frustrating aspects of setting up residence in Bolivia. There are delays and waiting periods, gaps in service areas, and plenty of requirements before you can sign contracts at each company. Among all of this, one company stands out: did you know that SAGUAPAC (in Santa Cruz, Bolivia) is the world's largest water cooperative and considered one of the best managed? In a country known for its poor public management, this is truly inspiring. Unfortunately, not all utility and service companies get such high scores, so let our Expat Services team give you a hand when it's time to hook up basic utilities in your new home.

How we'll help you set up your utilities:

We’ll help you get all your utilities hooked up and ready to go once you've rented your home or apartment: water, electricity, gas, local phone, cellular phone, internet, and cable TV. This will include accompanying you to each company to translate while you get informed, and helping you fill out your applications and contracts.

We’ll remain in contact with each company, making phone calls and putting the pressure on, until all your utilities have been installed and are ready to use. Please be advised that some of these companies have a 2-7 day waiting period between the time you sign your contract with them and the day their technicians install your utilities.

We’ll conclude by preparing a checklist for you of all the utility company phone numbers you’ll need, the deadlines by which you must pay each bill each month (depending on the contracts you signed) and locations where you can pay your them.

Please use the form below to contact Expat Services and we'll discuss how we can best help you set up all of your household utilities.

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