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You can transfer money to and from Bolivia with ease at any Bolivian bank. In Bolivia sending money is called a "transferencia de fondos" in Spanish, but most people just say "Quiero enviar dinero", meaning "I want to send money". There are plenty of locations where you can transfer money (or receive funds) using Western Union or MoneyGram.

Some banks and credit unions in Bolivia have small branches inside supermarkets. These are usually NOT equipped to do overseas money transfer operations. They mostly exist so you can pay your household bills (which in Bolivia must be paid in person).

You can't send or receive any money from overseas without identification. You can find Bolivian banks and credit unions in most mid-sized and major cities of Bolivia. If you are in a smaller city or rural area be aware that banks in those towns are branch offices and may not offer all the same services as an urban bank.

You can also transfer money at most Bolivian money exchange houses, which are called 'casas de cambio'. Some of them have bank accounts in foreign countries and offer you a second alternative: check-writing. Except for large companies, Bolivians don't use checks as stores don't accept them. But some casas de cambio will write out a check to whomever you choose and you simply pay them the amount of the check plus a nominal fee. They then give you the check and you can mail or courier it overseas.

Your third option, if you want to transfer money, is a wire transfer. Depending on the amount of money you want to send and how much time you have, this may be a more viable option. Although a wire transfer may take longer (sometimes up to 10 days), it may be worth the savings, especially since most banks charge a single set fee for wire transfers no matter what the amount.

Money Transfer Locations in Bolivia

Locations for Western Union Offices in:

Cochabamba | Sucre | La Paz | Quillacollo | Santa Cruz

Potosí | Uyuni | Tarija | Coroico | Oruro

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Tourism | Live in Bolivia | Banks and Money | Plan Your Trip

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