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The Tiwanaku civilization is an ancient, pre-Hispanic culture believed to have existed prior to the arrival of the Incas. Some scientists believe Tiwanaku (Tiahuanaco) may even be the, or one of the, oldest civilizations in the world, with some dating it back to 12,000-17,000 years ago. The ruins of Tiwanaku hide the secrets to the origins of this ancient culture and as more and more artifacts are discovered, it is becoming a more fascinating place for experts and tourists alike. Watch the videos below to learn more about what is known so far about this ancient civilization. You'll also see some of the temples, sites and museums that you'll be able to visit. Learn more about the Tiwanaku Civilization here or take a look at what you'll see on Tiwanaku Tours. Ask questions in our Tiwanaku Forum.

Puma Punku Gate of the Puma in Tiwanaku Bolivia

A short 8-minute video tour of the Tiwanaku ruins.


New discoveries were made recently in Tiwanaku, but have not yet been seen by the public. One expert in megalithic societies was able to gain access to a secret storage room at Tiahuanaco and took photos which he published on YouTube on May 21, 2018 including numerous carved stones, statues and artifacts, and what is thought to be a statue of the god Viracocha, the creator of the world.


This is a good documentary of the Tiwanaku ruins that also explains the way the Tiahuanacotas used astronomy to precisely calculate the equinoxes and used astronomy to plan their agricultural seasons and other events.


En este documental en español se explica cómo los tiahuanacotas usaron la astronomía de manera tan precisa como calendario que pudieron planificar tiempos de siembra y cosecha.


Puma Punku means gate of the puma. It's a structure made of a series of blocks formed into steps. It has a platform made of stones over 100 metric tons in size. There are several interesting theories on how these enormous stones were used to assemble the walls of Puma punku. Some of the stones are so precisely cut and fit together, even a razor blade will not fit between.


It's believed that the Tiwanaku civilization existed for a period of about 3000 years, almost as long as the Egyptians. Their agriculture and construction techniques are mind-blowing, considering they existed up to 17,000 years ago. See the Tiwanaku ruins from a quad-copter.


Documental en español titulado "Los Secretos de Tiwanaku".


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