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Plazuela Sucre is the second most frequented plaza in Tarija Bolivia and is surrounded by stores, ice cream shops, cafés and restaurants.

Just three blocks away from Tarija's Luis de Fuentes Central Plaza you'll find a smaller plaza full of trees and rose bushes called Plazuela Sucre. It is surrounded on all four sides by restaurants and cafés. This is where Tarija's younger crowd hangs out after school and late into the evening and is also popular among tourists.

This plaza is also often used for events. It has a large gazebo where you may occasionally hear a band or orchestra playing in the evening. Political parties use it for their events, demonstrations, protests and speeches and local and national festivals and other festivities also take place here.

Unlike the central plaza, where you'll mostly find food and candy vendors, at Plazuela Sucre there are several handcraft vendors. Here you'll find an ample array of small souvenir items such as hand made jewelry made of wood, seeds, and leather.

There is also a greater variety of places to eat at this plaza. In addition to the cafés and restaurants established along the four sides, there are many more within one block if you head up or down any of the cross streets. There is also a very interesting natural foods store on one corner, across the street from the Thai Kaffe and the only place you can order Greek gyros just a few doors down from there.

In March 2010 Tarija was established as a new Earth Hour City. BoliviaBella set up an initial meeting between Earth Hour organizer WWF Bolivia in Santa Cruz and the Green Hearts Project in Tarija to declare Tarija an Earth Hour city and plan it's very first Earth Hour events. As a result, the Municipal Government of Tarija passed a law just two weeks later, ordering Tarija to celebrate Earth Hour every year. We inaugurated the very first Tarija Earth Hour at this plaza as well.

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