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Plaza Luis de Fuentes is the large central plaza in Tarija Bolivia. If you travel Tarija you will most certainly end up here several times during your stay.

Locals and tourists alike use the central plaza as an easy-to-find meeting place. But in addition, you'll find several nice Tarija restaurants and Tarija hotels on this plaza. Read a little about the history of Tarija to find out more about the background of this plaza and the establishment of the city of Tarija.

Plaza Luis de Fuentes is a good place to start. There are several internet cafés nearby, as well as the Prefecture and Mayor's Office. In addition, you'll be just one block away from the Prefecture's Tarija Tourism Office, the Casa Dorada where you can take a tour, and the amazing Tarija Paleontology Museum.

Surrounding the plaza are many shops and stores, banks and ATM machines, currency exchange houses, and just three blocks away is the Tarija Central Market where you can buy almost anything including toys, food, cosmetics, and even clothes.

The plaza has a beautiful central fountain. Here you'll see several older men and women selling little plastic cups full of corn. It's how they make their living. People buy the corn to feed the pigeons. There are also newspaper sellers, shoe shiners, and several ambling fruit juice, snack and candy sellers.

If you take a Valle de Concepción Winery tour, you'll wait here for the buses that leave about once every two hours just across the street from the Bufalo and Gatto Pardo restaurants.

Plaza Luis de Fuentes is also where all the political rallies, protests and speeches take place as well as many of the city's official festivities. One block to the right is the Cathedral (along with another plaza) and just three blocks away is Plazuela Sucre, also surrounded by many restaurants and cafés.

So sit back and relax and enjoy some people watching. With a watchful eye, you'll see the stories of daily life in Tarija unfold here.

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