Plaza Cochabamba in Sucre, Bolivia

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Plaza Cochabamba is not in Cochabamba. It's actually a small plaza in Sucre, the capital of Bolivia. While small, it is worth a visit and can be easily found just two blocks down from Sucre's center square, Plaza 25 de Mayo.

Plaza Cochabamba is located on the corner of Nicolás Ortiz (which changes names to J. Perez street at this point) and Colon street (also known as Azurduy Street from this point forward).

The plaza is small, but pleasant with well-kept gardens and benches. Here you'll find the Candelaria Tours travel agency, the Clavo y Canela Café, and the SAS supermarket (which also houses a bookstore, an Aerosur Airlines office, a food court, movie theater complex, and numerous other stores). And just 1/2 a block up from the Plaza, on Colon/Azurduy street, is Sucre's well-known Hostal de Su Merced (a truly beautiful hotel).

Most impressive is the San Felipe Neri cathedral, one of the largest and most beautiful cathedrals of Sucre, which is located just across the street from Plaza Cochabamba. It was established in 1795 and is open to the public between 3:00-6:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. San Felipe Neri has a set of beautiful roof-top patio and balconies from which you'll have a stunning view of Bolivia's "white city".

Plaza Cochabamba - Corner of Nicolas Ortiz and Colon Streets - Sucre

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