Pet Travel Requirements for Bolivia

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There are numerous pet travel requirements for Bolivia, whether you are planning to travel as a tourist or you are moving to Bolivia to live, work or retire. You'll find links here to several reliable international pet shipping and pet travel specialists, along with information found in several very specific messages posted by others who have previously traveled to and from Bolivia with pets and have already experienced the process. Keep in mind that pet travel requirements and regulations may change periodically. We suggest researching thoroughly by using all of the resources available here.

Requirements for Traveling with Pets to Bolivia

Professional Pet Travel Specialists

IPATA is the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association. It is a worldwide network of over 350 members, all of whom are professional pet shippers in more than 80 countries. Using a pet shipper is not the least expensive way to travel with a pet. But it is the best way to ensure every detail is covered, and that you will comply with all pet travel regulations.

IATA is the International Air Transport Association. In their Traveler's Pet Corner, you'll find information on pet travel regulations by country, dealing with airlines, and preparing your pet for its journey. is a pet shipping company with a very thorough website. It has information on airline pet policies for over 180 airlines, pet import requirements for over 240 countries, and a pet travel store where you'll find all of the necessary gear for your pet's trip to Bolivia. You'll find a full list of several additional professional pet relocation specialists here.


Boesman and his human have traveled to and from Bolivia 12 times! Boesman explains in great detail, the process you need to follow and the paper work you need to fill out when you travel TO Bolivia with a pet.


Conversely, Boesman and his human also took the time to prepare a list of all the steps and pet travel requirements you will need to fulfill when you travel FROM Bolivia with a pet. This information is for the USA.

Pet Travel Home Page | Pet Shipping Companies | Pet Travel Forum

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