Parque Bolivar in Sucre Bolivia

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Parque Bolivar is the largest park in Sucre, Bolivia and, many would say also the prettiest. It is located just four blocks from the city's main plaza, Plaza 25 de Mayo.

You'll first walk through a plaza, called Plaza Libertad, facing the Mariscal Sucre Theater where you'll see a tall white obelisk and a Tourist Information booth. Past the plaza, on the corner to your right is Bolivia's Supreme Court building, constructed in 1945, and to the left a Colonial-era church.

Parque Simon Bolivar, Sucre Bolivia

By Mx._Granger - Own work, CC0,

Parque Bolivar has ample green space and lots of shady trees. Along the street to it's right there is a children's park and playground area and just down the street is a police station.

The park also has a pretty fountain surrounded by various antique statues, although at the time we visited we were sad to see numerous indigenous ladies sitting on the edge of the fountain eating, after which they tossed their plastic plates and cups into the fountain. In fact, the water was filled with plastic plates and cups. They had pitched tents in a large grassy area next to the fountain, which was also filled with trash. So much for them being the protectors of Mother Earth.

The most unusual feature of this park is a small replica of the Eiffel Tower of Paris. In the middle of the park you'll see a shallow pond surrounding a tall copper-colored tower. It's about 2 stories tall and made of metal with a set of spiraling stairs that allows you to climb to the top.

Parque Simón Bolivar in Sucre, Bolivia
Corner of Agustín Ravelo and Plaza Libertad

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