Home Page Membership is not a translation agency. It was founded by Charis Barks, a long-time translator and conference interpreter, to provide a way to match companies overseas with professional freelance translators and interpreters in Bolivia, and conversely, for Bolivia-based translators and interpreters to more effectively market their skills and services worldwide.

The idea behind forming a membership-based group of translators and interpreters is to market the services of only the very best, most experienced translators and interpreters in Bolivia to companies and organizations in other countries such as the USA, Canada, UK and others, and to do this in attachment with (also owned by Charis) because of its already-established global reach.

What are the criteria for membership?

The criteria for membership are basic:

All members must have a minimum of 8 years of experience as translators and/or interpreters, and
All members must offer English as one of their native or translation language pairs.
All members must agree to uphold a minimum price standard when quoting customers who contact them through
Our minimum prices will, in fact, be published online.

What benefits does membership include?

Our yearly membership fee will include the following:

An online profile will be built for each translator interpreter. Prospective customers can browse through each profile to find the translator or interpreter best suited for their project. They will have access to the following information before they contact you.

Your biography and photo
Your resume in English
Your resume in Spanish
A list of clients or events you've worked for/at
Your voice recordings in English and Spanish
A direct contact form on each of your pages

MARKETING YOUR SKILLS OVERSEAS is the world's most highly trusted website about Bolivia, one of the only websites that is completely in English, and has a global reach, with visitors from nearly 200 countries each month. Your potential customers will view not only your profile, but as many will be businesspeople who plan to travel to Bolivia, they will have the added advantage of being able to inform themselves about Bolivia, and even plan their entire trip, all in one place.

A password-protected section of our site available only to members featuring:

Links to over 8000 glossaries and dictionaries online for dozens of languages, industries and topics

How to become certified in translation or interpretation plus links to certifiers around the globe

BOLIVIABELLA.COM is currently the world's most searched and top-ranked website about Bolivia in English. You could build your own website or blog, but it could take months or years for it to be found in Google searches. By hosting on your profile pages will be found by potential clients around the globe.

In fact, just 3 days after our pages were published online in 2014, shot up to first place on Google for searches such as "translators in Bolivia" or "Bolivia conference interpreters"... and just 6 days after going online, requests for quotes for translation and interpretation projects were already being received.

Need more reasons for membership?

► The US Bureau of Labor Statistics recently stated that employment of interpreters and translators is projected to grow by 18 percent (18%) from 2012 to 2026, faster than almost all other occupations! Translators and interpreters living in Bolivia can access this market if we act now.

► In 2013 the average income for translators and interpreters was $46.000 to $77.000 per year. Imagine if you could capture some of that translation and interpretation work and earn a similar income while still living in Bolivia? That's the goal of becoming a member.

► The language services industry (interpreting, translation, localization, and language technologies) is worth $33 billion globally. Interpreters and translators can earn up to six figures annually. Most are freelancers.

► 10% of translators and interpreters in the US earn over $90.000 per year. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics lists translation and interpretation as the 4th fastest growing profession in the USA.

Translators: you don't have to live in the USA to work for US companies. Interpreters: you can capture clients who will be holding events in Bolivia before they contact interpreters who are not members, because is already the first to be found in Google searches.

► So how can we improve our working conditions? USA interpreters and translators know the answer. They've focused for years on one thing: uplifting our profession together. NOT compromising on standards. NOT reducing prices! NOT working against each other. Join today. Home Page


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