Items with which you are allowed to enter at Bolivian airports

(Santa Cruz, Bolivia)

Many foreigners have asked us which personal items (and how many) may be brought into Bolivia when entering the country through an airport. The Bolivian Immigration Service has printed a flyer indicating which items you may bring with you, either as carry-on items or in your luggage, which would be considered items for personal use (items to be used while you travel that are not for commercial use or resale), and therefore would not be taxed upon entry. These are personal items you may bring with you on your flight and does not refer to household belongings shipped into the country separately.

Travelers (both Bolivian and foreign) may enter the country with the following items at Bolivian airports, as personal items, without paying taxes:

1. One camera
2. One laptop computer
3. One video camera and accessories
4. One recorder, radio recorder, or radio receiver
5. One mobile phone
6. Athletic equipment
7. One portable musical instrument
8. Carriages for children or babies, wheelchairs, and other items necessary for personal orthopedic use

Plus, new items strictly for personal use or consumption, the value of which does not exceed a maximum of $1000 (one thousand U.S. dollars).

When the value of new articles brought into the country exceeds the maximum of $1000 (one thousand U.S. dollars), the traveler (whether he/she be Bolivian or a foreigner) must pay customs taxes on the remaining value (amount) over $1000. Their flyer reiterates: The $1000 (one thousand dollar) value on items with which travelers are allowed to enter, must NOT be for commercial use.

If you have questions about immigration or customs, you can visit the websites of the Bolivian Customs Service (Aduana Nacional) or the Bolivian Immigration Service (Dirección General de Migración).

If you are considering moving to Bolivia, and have questions about applying for residency, importing household belongings, living, retiring or working in Bolivia, consider contacting Bolivia Expat Services for assistance.

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