I was Adopted from Bolivia

by Olivia
(Tennessee, USA)

My name is Olivia. I was adopted from Bolivia when I was 7 months. My mom and dad lived in North Carolina and waited forever to finally get me. They had to live in Bolivia for several months before they officially adopt me. I am thankful that they did. I went back to Bolivia a couple years ago to find my birth mom. I worked in an orphanage while I was down there. After a couple weeks down there we had no luck. Then one day I get an email on facebook from my birth mom. I was shocked but happy. I wanted to know more about my birth family. Even though she gave birth to me my real mom is the one who adopted me and took care of me all my life. I am forever thankful they got me. Now I am about to get married and I am wanting to do what my parents did. I am wanting to go back and adopt a child from Bolivia. Even though it is a long process I hope I can succeed. :)

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Apr 27, 2016
Birth documents
by: Anonymous

I have a friend who was adopted in Bolivia she is wondering about getting hold of her birth documents because it seems that they have been misplaced are you familiar with the process would, you know where to start?
Warmest regards

Oct 19, 2013
Thank you for sharing
by: BoliviaBella

This is such a beautiful story. Adoption is a long process, and sometimes frustrating, but every family I've spoken to that has adopted a Bolivian child has told me the effort was absolutely worth it.

Please stay in touch and continue to share as you take this journey. We wish you every success!

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