How far is Tiwanaku from Cochabamba?

Distance from Tiwanaku to Cochabamba? It depends. If you choose to fly from Cochabamba to El Alto airport near La Paz, it's a roughly 35 minute flight. The drive from La Paz to Tiwanaku is just under 2 hours.

But if you choose to take a bus from Cochabamba to El Alto and then onward to Tiwanaku, it's an almost 12 hour trip. The road is long and goes through the Andes mountains, winding slowly up one side of each mountain and then slowly down the other side, passing through several small towns. It is not a direct route and covers over 600 kilometers (375 miles).

Maybe it's easier to visualize on a map:

Tiwanaku photo: CC BY-SA 2.0 fr,

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