How do I get the money to pay for an international adoption?

by Sue Merriam
(International Adoption Facts and Information)

You may be wondering how to get the money to pay for an international adoption. Adopting a child from overseas could cost you $19,000 and more. Where does anyone get that kind of money?

Actually there are several options available for paying for your adoption, and you should plan at least two to three different fundraising methods to remain as debt-free in your international adoption as possible.

What About a Loan?

Yes, you can certainly take out a home equity loan, and many people do just that. If you feel this is the only way you can pay for your international adoption, consider taking out a loan for $12,000 or less, and then use your international adoption tax credit to pay off the balance of the loan once your adoption is finalized.

Any Grants Available?

There are thousands of orphans who desperately need the kind of loving care you can provide. To encourage families to adopt these children, many ministries offer grants to help cover the cost of an international adoption. Typically these grants are for $3,000 or less.

Your Church Can Help

Many churches, especially the larger ones, have a benevolence fund to help orphans. By adopting an orphan from overseas, you are helping one or more orphans, so be sure to ask your church for help.

If your church doesn't have a benevolence fund, ask your church to help you with a fundraising event or at least allow you to hold a fundraising event in your church building.

Getting Help from Uncle Sam

As I mentioned earlier, you could take out a loan and then pay it back with your international adoption tax credit. This credit is a boon if you typically owe taxes at the end of the year, and at the time this article was written, you can take up to $12,150.

Garage Sale

If you live in an urban neighborhood, a garage sale is a great way to raise money for your international adoption. If you have already received a referral, you can set a framed photograph of your child on your money table with a sign saying all proceeds will go toward bringing your child home.

Bake cookies, cook hot dogs on the grill and buy soda in bulk, and you can also sell these at the garage sale, bringing in even more funds.

Before the sale, ask friends and family members to donate items, and be sure to recruit a couple of friends to help you with the sale.

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