Are You Looking for a House or Apartment to Rent or Buy in Bolivia?

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Are you looking for a house or apartment to rent or buy in Bolivia? If you're planning to move to Bolivia, you'll need to know all about house hunting, contracts, real estate agents, and more. We've prepared this section just for incoming expats so that you can plan ahead, know your options, and not be caught by surprise when you begin your search for a new home.

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Properties are still affordable in Bolivia, but prices are on the rise. You can find rural properties, quintas (country homes), houses, apartments, condominiums, hotel and timeshare properties, and office spaces for sale, rent and anticrético, an option to live rent free which may be available in many other countries but is relatively unknown in the U.S.A.

Looking for a house or apartment is done in pretty much the same manner as in any other country. However, because there are some differences, we'd like to help you understand the real estate market and the house hunting process a bit before you arrive so that you'll have the benefit of being an informed consumer.

Let's Begin with a Brief Vocabulary Lesson

In Bolivia we talk about different types of property: that which remains in a permanent location and that which can be transported somewhere else.

Because real estate is immovable, properties such as houses (casas), buildings (edificios) and parcels of land (terrenos) are called "propiedades inmuebles" (immovable property).

Therefore, real estate agents are called "agentes inmobiliarios" (immovable property agents). Their companies are called "inmobiliarias".

The furnishings with which you decorate your home or equip your office, and which are a moveable type of property, are called "muebles" (moveable property).

Another word for real estate is "bienes raíces" (which literally means "rooted belongings", again because they are immovable property). So real estate agents are sometimes also called "agentes de bienes raíces".

When you buy or sell a house or property you must register and pay taxes to the government by going to the department of "derechos reales" (property ownership rights) to record your transaction.

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Charis Barks, Owner of

I'm Charis, owner of and I've moved over a dozen times in Bolivia and many, many more times in, and between, various other countries. Bolivia is a beautiful place, but there are some harsh realities involving land and home ownership you should be aware of.

Please do make use of the articles we've written about how to find a house or apartment. We just want you to have the best experience possible during your time in Bolivia. Questions? Consider using our Question and Answer Service. These are some of the other valuable Expat Services we provide.

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