Eustaquio Restaurant: San Lorenzo, Tarija

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Eustaquio Restaurant is located in San Lorenzo, just half an hour from the city of Tarija and is named after one of Bolivia's war heroes. Eustaquio Resto-Bar Cultural (cultural bar and restaurant) is located right across the street from the tiny central plaza of San Lorenzo and just to the right of the Cathedral.

It's a large and lovely restaurant owned by a local family from Tarija who sought to preserve the authenticity of the town by establishing this restaurant in one of the first houses built in the town. The bare adobe walls are part of its charm and every room is rustic and filled with antiques and antique art.

The Restaurant has both indoor and outdoor dining areas and a full bar. The larger indoor dining area is very long and the wall serves as a seasonal art gallery, exhibiting art by local Tarijeño artists.

You'll enter what used to be the entrance foyer of the house, now filled with antique coal-heated irons, paintings, handcrafts, pottery, local gems and minerals, and other antique artifacts. To your right is a small dining area with one large round table and leather chairs and to the left of that is the long indoor dining hall. Look up as you walk around. Some of the most interesting antiques are hanging from the ceiling. Past the dining hall is the bar.

Weather permitting, you'll probably prefer to eat outside under the shade of large umbrellas amidst local trees and flowers growing right out of the patio floor. Most Colonial Spanish home had indoor courtyards like this around which the various rooms of the house were built.

Eustaquio Restaurant serves typical Bolivian, and especially tarijeño food, with a twist: every recipe has been altered to include specific interesting ingredients that make them just a little out of the ordinary. In addition, the owners are very health conscious and have adapted all recipes to include only organic, wholesome ingredients with as few calories as possible.

This restaurant is very different from any other in Tarija. It complies with, and is seeking certification from, ISO standards. This means the restaurant is fully equipped with emergency exits, fire extinguishers and all other items required by these standards. Very unusual for Bolivia!

Eustaquio Restaurant is named after Eustaquio 'Moto' Mendez, a local war hero who helped free Tarija and Bolivia from Spanish rule. Read more about the history of Tarija to learn about who he was. For more places to eat and restaurants in Tarija click on the 'Food' link below. For more tourist attractions in Tarija click on the 'Tours' link.

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