Tourist Attractions in Bolivia: Espejillos

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Espejillos is a hidden gem located just 2 hours West of the city of Santa Cruz along the road to Samaipata. This tropical paradise, with its sparkling waterfalls and natural pools can be accessed only by all-terrain vehicle. It's a wonder of nature.

espejillos santa cruz bolivia Deep in the heart of the tropics, a series of waterfalls have carved out and filled several deep pools as they cascade downward in step-like fashion, each flowing into the next.

Here you can hike, bathe in the pools, dive and swim, or take a waterfall “shower”.

Be sure to go on a sunny day though, because even the slightest amount of precipitation will make travel nearly impossible on the rough dirt road that leads to this little gem.

It’s a nice day trip, but there is also a small hotel on location with dining facilities.

Once you leave the city of Santa Cruz and pass the check point near El Torno, there are no gasoline stations and no stores, (you cannot purchase anything but meals at the hotel either) so be sure to take with you everything you need, including snacks and drinks, mosquito repellent, plenty of water, a change of clothes, sunscreen, a good pair of hiking shoes and of course, your camera!

It's a little difficult to reach this area unless you have 4-wheel drive, but it's a very worthwhile one-hour trip so don't get too easily discouraged.

EcoTourism   Tourism   Santa Cruz   Plan Your Trip

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