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Getting a drivers license in Bolivia can be time consuming and will vary for each individual depending on your age, level of driving experience, whether or not you acquired an international drivers license prior to moving to Bolivia, and other factors. The police will require documentation to prove you have been granted legal residency in Bolivia and are of legal age.

This procedure begins at the police station and ends at the SEGIP, Bolivia's national personal identification service. You must speak enough Spanish to take any written, oral or driving tests required, understand the laws, and comply with road signage. Not speaking Spanish in no way exempts you from knowing and upholding the law while driving in Bolivia. Although each case is different, obtaining a Bolivian driver's license can take 2-3 days, not including driving courses or tests.

How we help you get a drivers license:

We'll discuss the requirements with you. Minimally, in order to obtain a license, you must be at least 18 years of age and have legal residency in Bolivia. Unless you are a first-time driver, you must also have a drivers license from your country of origin.

We’ll accompany you to the police station for your initial interview. At this time, police officers will determine whether or not you are qualified to obtain a Bolivian drivers license, and whether or not you will be required to take a written and/or oral driving test.

Please note that if the police determine that you must take a drivers education course or a written test, we will not be allowed to accompany you during the course or test. At this point you must determine if you feel your Spanish level is sufficient to continue this process.

An oral test is also given to first time license applicants and those who wish to change driver categories. If police determine you will take this test, you must take a 3-day course at the police station. We can help you schedule the course, but will be unable to accompany you during the course.

We will accompany you to fulfill all other requirements once you have completed any necessary courses and tests. These include: applying for a criminal background check, photographs, a medical exam, and a visit to the bank to deposit the amount required for your license.

Once you've gathered all other documents required we will visit the SEGIP (Servicio General de Identificacion Personal) which is the office that will issue your drivers license. You will present your documents to SEGIP personnel and if everything is in order, your license will usually be issued within the day.

Please use the form below to contact Expat Services and we'll discuss how we can best assist you in obtaining a Bolivian driver's license.

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