The Bolivian Citizenship Test

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Taking a citizenship test is one of the requirements for becoming a Bolivian citizen through the immigration and naturalization process. The following are questions similar to those that you might expect to find on the citizenship test administered to become a Bolivian naturalized citizen. These questions were kindly provided by an anonymous foreigner who has already taken the Bolivian naturalization test. These were the questions on the actual test that he took. Keep in mind that several versions of the Bolivian citizenship test may exist. Understand this is simply a sampling of the types of questions you might expect to see. Yours may be different.

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Questions on the Bolivian Citizenship Test

1. Names of the departments and be able to exclude any that are not a department from multiple choice.

2. Who is the Ministro de Exteriores (Minister of the Department of Foreign Affairs)?

3. When did Evo become president?

4. Who were the first two female presidents of Bolivia.

5. Know which countries border Bolivia and which do not from multiple choice.

6. How many branches of government does the Bolivian government have?

7. Where is Bolivia's constitutional capital located?

8. Bolivia's national emblems are...

9. On which date did Bolivia become a Plurinational State?

10. Who was the first president of Bolivia?

11. Where is the Bolivian seat of government located?

12. Date the waterfront was lost and the name of the war. What national holiday do we celebrate surrounding this event, and when?

13. Who is the Vice president?

These are 13 of the 15 questions on the Bolivian citizenship test. You must answer at least 12 correctly to pass. All are multiple choice. Remember that the test will be administered in Spanish.

Living in Bolivia | Expat Services | Expat Events | Facts about Bolivia

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