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On our Christmas home page we told you about some our fascinating and unique Bolivian Christmas traditions. But we all celebrate Christmas differently, don't we? Tell us about your favorite Christmas traditions below. You can share your favorite places to spend the holidays, what you like most about Christmas, something special that is unique about Christmas in your country, or your favorite Christmas recipes.

Once you've uploaded your message you'll get a link to our page about Bolivian Christmas traditions! PLUS you'll find out what webmaster Bella's secret favorite Christmas cookies are and get the recipe, and learn about how she and her family spend their weird and culturally mixed German/Norwegian/American/Bolivian Christmases! Go ahead and share.

Bolivian Christmas Traditions

How do you celebrate Christmas?
Cuales son tus tradiciones navideñas?


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Christmas tradiioms 
We go t ok mass and then have dinner with our family.

Christmas at my house 
xmas at my house sucks every year i am always being yelled at and i am not appreciated. i thought xmas was supposed to be fun filled and love from your …

Christmas in Bolivia: Customs and Traditions 
Many Christmas traditions in Bolivia have been disappearing over the years, but some of them still remain almost exactly like they were in the Colonial …

How we celebrate Christmas in Germany 
I celebrate Christmas on the 24th with my family. We exchange gifts and see the decorated tree for the first time that night. We have a nice dinner and …

How I Celebrate Christmas 
I celebrate Christmas with family and friends. This makes Christmas special for me.

Christmas Customs - Decorate the Tree 
We decorate the tree together while drinking eggnog and hot chocolate. Play our Christmas game. Share your own Christmas customs.

Chrsitmas traditions in the US 
In the U.S. we celebrate Christmas by having family over all day on Christmas day. It is here where we open presents for the whole family, eat Christmas …

Our Christmas Tradition 
We go to church at midnight.

My Christmas 
First we wake up and all scramble in our pajamas to the Christmas tree. Then after the picture taking and presents, we head to our cousins house. We …

Quinans Christmas 
First i wake up put on my pjs and get my presents

Bolivia's Christmas is awful. America's is like 20x better. 
I recently visited Bolivia during its Christmas celebrations and it was strange and awkward. It was an awful experience and I did not enjoy it. I love …

Christmas Traditions in our Family 
On Christmas Eve we go to church and open one present. Then on Christmas day we have a small gathering of just who lives in the house. We don't eat, just …

My Christmas and Living Nativity 
My family always went to midnight mass and participated in the living nativity. My school always made ornaments and during our mass the children would …

Christmas I spend time with my family 
I spend time with my family

what about the country 
hola my name is oscar i what 2 know about. bolivia country..?

I go to church to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

bolivia christmas music 
I like music.

Christmas in my Family 
In my bolivian-american family we put our stockings up, decorate our tree and leave cookies for santa. But to decide who gets to open the first present …

snowy christmas 
we had 24 inches of snow this year for christmas. right now there is 30 inches and there is suposed to be 8 more inches comeing!!!!!

my christmas in nj 

HOLA THIS IS BARAK I JUST WANTED YOU TO KNOW I LOVE YOU. In response: Thank you! But I think the REAL Barack Obama spells his name with a CK - BaraCK. …

Bolivian Christmas Customs 
what are sum of the customs for christmas? In response: Hi Mark You'll find the answer to what some Bolivian Christmas customs are, right here. …

my xmas 
um just enjoy it with family

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the Christmas of 3 lovely girls 
well once upon a time there were 3 girls named laura abbie and michaela, they went to the lovely bolivia for christmas and laura got a new hair style.... …

colonial christmas 
Thia year we are twisting up our christmas. It will be old fashoned and will have old fashioned activities. I think it will be fun.

In Bolivia we have a huge feast after the mass.

Christmas cookies 
Every year, we make Mexican cookies and leave them out for Santa!

Mis navidades en Bolivia 
(In Spanish, then in English under each paragraph). Cuando era pequeña, yo creia en Papa Noel. Escribia una carta dos semanas antes de Noche Buena,a …

My Christmas in Bolivia 
I was usually sort of confused by the Christmas traditions in my multi-cultural family. My dad was from the US (his mom was Norwegian, his dad was …

Bolivian-American Style 
As a Bolivian-American: On Christmas Eve we have a huge dinner party with friends and family. At midnight Baby Jesus arrives, prayers are said and we …

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