Bolivia's Christmas is awful. America's is like 20x better.

by Robert

I recently visited Bolivia during its Christmas celebrations and it was strange and awkward. It was an awful experience and I did not enjoy it. I love being home for Christmas and our traditions are like 700x better than Bolivia's. I never will go to a South American country again, do not ask me why the experience was awful, it just was. The people were unkind, rude, mean, and not a joy to be around. Never again will I leave our great country of America during Christmas.

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Oct 14, 2012
Be kind
by: Anonymous

Christmas is about celebrating reasons to be joyful and above all, kind to others... no matter what country you are in. If you didn't enjoy Christmas in Bolivia that's OK. But if you really understood the true spirit of Christmas, you'd know that teaching kindness by example is like 700x better than offending.

Oct 12, 2012
stay home dear
by: Anonymous

What a stupid commentary!!!! I don't think that you should go out of your country ever!!! Cuz you are simply too narrow minded to understand something out of your little world. If you didn't like that country because of one or another reason it's fine... But if you were expecting to have Christmas just like in America then you were a fool from the beginning on and it was obvious you weren't going like it anyway... Travelling around the world is not for everyone... So my advice is stay home!!!!

Jan 18, 2012
It is all there in your perspective
by: SK

It may be Christmas or any festival, all deeply rooted in our own culture. How we celebrate, how we live is totally decided by the culture we live in. Seeing the lifestyle of someone with our perspective is the mistake we are doing. About the incidence mentioned above, i can only say that it is just reflecting the narrow minded perspective. That's all....!

Dec 03, 2011
I am so ashamed
by: Anonymous

I am so ashamed of my fellow countrymen who visit other places and compare them unkindly with the U.S. When you say it was strange and awkward, of course it was! Did you expect it to be the same as what you're used to? I'm sure the Bolivian's didn't feel awkward, so if you did that wasn't their fault. Maybe you think Christmas in the U.S. is 20x better and perhaps it is. But I know plenty of people in poorer countries who are much happier with much less in material goods than many of us here in the States. I have traveled and lived outside the U.S. and there's one thing I've learned. I am in THEIR country and it's my responsibility to respect their culture, way of life and traditions and to not compare them with mine. You do other American travelers a real disservice with comments like yours. I think you could have expressed your discomfort with the Finally, by the words you used in your title: America's is LIKE 20x better it sounds as though you're quite young. Please think before you speak, and try not to be so self-absorbed. It makes it difficult for the rest of us when we visit places where someone like you has been offensive and locals believe we're all like that. If you are so unhappy with the customs of another country, perhaps you shouldn't travel outside the U.S.

Dec 21, 2010
Re: Bolivia's Xmas is awful
by: Doris

It is unfortunate you had a bad experience in Bolivia over the holidays. Please remember there are rude people everywhere- including USA, but it's not fair to judge a country based on one experience. Everyone celebrates Christmas differently, and you are used to seeing it one way. I'm a Bolivian native, but have been living in the states for 35 years. I see both sides and enjoy both. The US has much more to offer in the sense that it is a wealthier country. The advertising industry paints a perfect Christmas picture for the sake of consumers buying into the "spirit" of Christmas- which means more is better.

Bolivia is a poor country as you must know. Many people can't afford what we take for granted here. They have to be content with what they have, but if you had much less- like them- would you be so happy and cheerful? There is much love and warmth in Bolivia- just keep an open mind.

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