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The car rental process in Bolivia is fairly similar to that of other countries. What differs is that you must be very careful as rent a car standards may differ in Bolivia. While there are some companies associated with larger car hire companies that are known worldwise (such as Hertz and Avis) there are also many small, privately owned fleets that simply don't provide the maintenance, guarantees, insurance options, and safety features you would expect. If you don't speak Spanish, Expat Services can help. We will accompany you to car rental locations to help you find the car that's right for you.

How we help you rent a car in Bolivia:

We will first discuss with you the type of car rental you need, for how long, and for what type of usage.

Phone local rent a car agencies on your behalf, to ask about availability and pricing, according to the type of car you need.

Take you to a rent a car agency to view and inspect available rental cars, translate and assist you in describing the type of car you need, request prices, describe the requirements to rent a car, and help you understand the contract you’ll sign.

We'll conclude our service by giving you pointers and general orientation on driving in Bolivia, road conditions, tips for dealing with traffic, crime and safety, and more.

Please use the form below to contact Expat Services and we'll discuss how we can best help you find car rental options in Bolivia.

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