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Expat Services can help you buy a car.

If you're planning to buy a car, but aren't sure how to go about doing that, or if you simply don't speak enough Spanish to purchase a car on your own, we can accompany and assist you with this process. We'll help you ensure you understand the contract and all that is required of you as a new car owner, before you sign. Buying a used car is a bit more complicated. It is very important to ensure the car has no prior liens on it, that it isn't involved in an ownership dispute, that it isn't a stolen vehicle, and most importantly, that it hasn't been brought into the country as contraband (a very prevalent problem in Bolivia at this time).

How We'll Help You Buy a Car:

Accompany you to local car dealerships in search of your desired car. If you already know exactly which brand or model of car you're interested in, we'll accompany you to the specific dealership that imports it.

An educated consumer is a wise consumer. We'll give you some orientation about how negotiations customarily take place, and discuss what is required of you as a car owner in terms of licensing, taxes, insurance, and traffic law.

Assist you with all negotiations in Spanish whether you purchase from an individual or a car dealership.

Explain all documentation you will sign. We’ll help you understand the purchase contract before you sign.

Run a check on the car to ensure it can legally be sold. Car dealerships will show you their government-authorized importation documentation on new cars. But for used cars purchased from individuals, we can contact local authorities to ensure the car you are interested in purchasing has been imported legally, is not a stolen vehicle, and has no liens against it.

Help you process your car ownership title. Once you've purchased a car, you'll need to register it under your name. We'll help you with the titling process.

Explain yearly vehicle taxes you'll pay. When you buy a car you must pay local taxes yearly.

Can you legally drive in Bolivia? Prior to owning a car, you must have the proper drivers license.

Help you purchase car insurance. In Bolivia, you'll be required to purchase the SOAT, the minimal car insurance you'll need to legally drive your car. You may also choose to further insure your car through one of the many private insurance companies for maximum coverage.

Please use the form below to contact Expat Services and we'll discuss how we can best help you buy a car in Bolivia.

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