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You'll find Buenavista hotels are generally simple and unassuming, but welcoming and comfortable. The small city of Buenavista, two and a half hours North of the city of Santa Cruz, is one of the gateways into Amboro National Park and accommodations focus on visitors who plan to do hiking, camping, and outdoor activities. If you’ve already found a hotel, hostel or other alternative for accommodations that you love, please share about it in our Bolivia Hotel Review.

Bolivian hotels are kind of “all over the place” when it comes to listing themselves on booking sites so that you can make reservations online. You’ll find almost all of the 4 and 5 star hotels in Bolivia on most of the major hotel reservation websites that are well-known worldwide. But smaller Bolivian hotels aren’t as organized about their online presence. They are more likely to be on Tripadvisor, which has become very well-known in the Bolivian hospitality industry by word of mouth. Below is a list of hotels in Buenavista.

Hotels in Buenavista Buena Vista Bolivia

Find Hotels in Buenavista Bolivia

Buenavista Hotel
Reservations in Santa Cruz, Bolivia at:
Shopping Bolivar, 3rd Floor, Office 344
Tel: (591-3) 339-1080
Mobile: (591) 784-59806
Email: reservas@buenavistahotel.com.bo
Web: www.buenavistahotel.com.bo

Hotel Spa Santa Maria La Antigua
5 Kilometers from Buenavista
Tel: (591) 773-91446 or 716-94655
Email: info@santamaria.com.bo
Web: www.santamaria.com.bo

Hacienda el Cafetal
5 kilometers from the main plaza
Buenavista, Bolivia
Tel: (591-3) 935-2067
Mobile: (591) 677-97798 or 737-28911
E-mail : haciendaelcafetal@fbe.org.bo
Web: www.haciendaelcafetal.com

Hotel Amboro Eco Resort
1 kilometer from the main plaza
Buenavista, Bolivia
Office in Santa Cruz: Km.8 carr al Norte
Tel: (591-3) 342-2372
Fax: (591-3) 342-1909
Buenavista tel: (591-3) 932-2020
Email: amboroecoresort@gmail.com
Web: www.amboroecoresort.com

Mataracu Tent Camp
40 kilometers from the main plaza
Buenavista, Bolivia
Run by Amboro Eco Resort
Contacts above

Eco albergue Candelaria
5 kilometers from main plaza
Buenavista, Bolivia
Mobile: (591) 766-87071 or 710-20515
Email: ecocandelaria@anditradecoffee.com

Refugio Ecológico La Chonta
34 kilometers from the main plaza
Buenavista, Bolivia
Mobile: (591) 716-94726 or 766-26828
E-mail: ecoturismo_lachonta@hotmail.com

Cabañas Loma Linda
Reservations: Pasillo Descarpontriez #8
Entering from Avenida Centenario
Clinica Dental Rossell, ask for Mauricio
Email: lomalinda-cab@hotmail.com
Tel: (591-3) 332-7888
Mobile: (591) 766-55523

Cabañas Pozazul
Buenavista, Bolivia
Tel: 591-3-355-6021
Mobile: (591) 709-00708 or 776-24123
Email: pozazul.eduardo@gmail
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pozazul.buenavista
Web: http://pozazul-eduardo-y-cia.globered.com

Hostal Quimori
Along the road to Santa Barbara
Buenavista, Bolivia
Tel: (591-3) 932-2081 or 340-2882
Mobile: (591) 760-09191
Santa Cruz tel: (591-3) 422-7747
Facebook: www.facebook.com/HostalQuimori
Web: http://hotelquimori.obolog.es

Cabañas JF Guaytu
400 meters from town along the road to Guaytu
Tel: (591-3) 347-2779
Mobile: (591) 710-42529 or 708-85360

Residencial Nadia
Calle Mariano Saucedo Sevilla #186
One block from the main plaza
Buenavista, Bolivia
Tel: (591-3) 932-2049
Mobile: (591) 768-51741 or 770-06888

Quinta Sans Souci
Tel: (591) 760-00263
Email: sansouci.buenavista@hotmail.com

Posada Carmen
Calle 6 de Agosto, across from the church
Main plaza, Buenavista, Bolivia
Mobile: (591) 709-44138
Email: posada-carmen@hotmail.com

Mucunucu Campground
39 kilometers from town
Buenavista, Bolivia
Operated by Probioma, an NGO
Contact Hugo Rojas
Mobile: (591) 736-87784 or 776-04153

La Quinta Maravilla
1 kilometer from the main plaza
On the road to Santa Barbara
Buenavista, Bolivia
Tel: (591) 704-40618 or 776-06032
Web: www.laquintamaravilla.com

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