Bolivian Kids in Need of Help

by Nimia
(Vienna, VA, USA)

We have a family friend in Bolivia who has two children, ages 15 months and 4 years old. His wife, mother of the two children, recently abonded them and no reference of her whereabouts. Our friend, the father of the children, is currently unemployed and and unable to properly care for the children. I would really like to help, but I find it dificult due to the distance between us. He also shared that he may not have a place to live soon, and it worries me to know that the children maybe homeless and exposed to danger. I am 31 years, married with 5 children of my own. However, I would love to care for these children until our friend is able to support and care for his children again. Would you please advice me what I should do to bring them here with me?? If adoption is too complicated, would I be able to obtain temporary legal custody? How can we obtain their visas? Any guidance is greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless.

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May 06, 2012
Help Bolivian children
by: Rebeca

Hi, to help the children of your friend, I think the best way is to take the children to United States with a tourist Visa.
Parent or legaltutor in bolivia the father of the kids must grant a legal permission to travel abroad.
Father must also appoint you as legal guardian for the minors.
Later apply for tourist Visa to United States, in La paz, Bolivia.
After they are in US, start the paperwork for the legal residency in US.
It is not difficult, takes time but it worth it, congratulation!!!
Any question please contact me, i am Attorney at Law in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.
i would appreciate you contact me:
mobile: (591) 7788 2222

Contact of US Embassy for Visa consults/applications

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