Bolivia travel tips: keeping your luggage safe

Someone once commented on one of our Bolivia Travel Tips forums that ?safety is a right? and that?s true. But you can avoid contributing to becoming a victim by using strategies to ensure you don?t put yourself in danger either intentionally, or out of carelessness. One of the most common dangers to travelers in Bolivia is luggage theft, especially backpacks.

Never leave your luggage unattended on a bus (if you get off the bus or plan to sleep on the bus), in an airport or even near your feet (it?s better to brace or squeeze your luggage, purse or handbag tightly between your feet). Don?t hang it off the back of a chair in a restaurant.

Another consideration is the issue of being asked to transport envelopes or packages for someone. Let?s just say Bolivia?s mail service isn?t awesome. Because of this it?s very common for people to ask a traveler to take an envelope or package for them to another country where they may have relatives waiting for it.

Although this request is usually made of someone they know, there are times when they?ll ask a stranger at the airport. Don?t ever agree to transport any item you haven?t thoroughly inspected, and never ever agree to carry a sealed envelope or item. Foreigners have been known to transport prohibited items (such as cocaine) overseas, sometimes without their knowledge. In addition, if you are unaware of the airline rules or international travel laws, you may unwittingly transport something forbidden (such as certain types of fruit or food) you didn?t think would normally be on an international travel blacklist.

While it?s true that personal safety is a right (as is the safety of your luggage and other personal belongings), it?s also good common sense to take steps to avoid becoming a victim. See 8 more tips for keeping your luggage safe.

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