Aussies in Potosi

by Caren
(Potosi - Bolivia)

We travelled in February of 2008 with our two Aussies and one cat from Guatemala to Miami to Bolivia. We have travelled extensively to and from many countries with our animals. At first we would use pet travel agencies but have now become used to the process.

I do recommend speaking to the airline you will be flying. They have good knowledge as to what you will need. We also make the effort to phone the consuls of the country we are going to, that can be a bit hit and miss as not everyone knows about pet travel to that country.

We needed the Zoo-sanitary certificate as well as a health certificate from our vet in Guatemala. We also needed a clearance certificate that the animals would be OK in temperatures lower than 0 Deg C. They did check the forecast temperature in Miami for our arrival in Bolivia and we would not have been able to fly our animals if we had not had that certificate.

It was all very easy to collect the animals in La Paz at the airport, we had all the papers needed, the only almost glitch was the dogs came up the ramp used for luggage and the crates just fit through the entrance with a real squeeze and push from behind. We had the 400 Series, a large.

If you are traveling with animals make sure you book in early, truly it does take time to check everything so be there as early as you can. We always travel business if we can with the animals because the business class lines are shorter and you do not have the stressful long lines as you do in economy. GET THERE EARLY!!!!

I would also recommend that you really make the crate noticeable. We have painted ours fluorescent colours and the captain of the flight did laughingly comment over the intercom that the animals in the butterfly crates were on board. We also have all our info and dogs names permanently on the crates so people can see who they belong to easily. People notice that and that is what you want in case anything should go astray.

We also have two water bowls in the crates one is frozen so it will thaw over time and the other is normal temp. We put funnels on the outside of the door leading into the bowls so they can be easily filled from the outside. I always put some item of clothing into the crates so they have our scent close to them. My cat crawls under the T shirt so she finds comfort in it. Always have a good blanket or thick towel in there too, most animals will not soil the area they are in but you never know.

Our animals travelled well sometimes they travel better than us. Have all the paperwork you need and all up to date vaccinations and you will have no problems. Remember to give yourself time with the 10 day health certificate so that it does not expire while traveling.

Remember also that animals need to adapt to the altitude as we do. Our cat was more lethargic in the beginning of our stay here but the Aussies are bred for high altitude and have been absolutely in excellent health.

Caren y Amber y Rain

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Sep 30, 2008
thanks for the great tips
by: Anonymous

Caren, thank you so much for this information. We had been having a hard time finding hotels and hostels that accept pets. Hugs for the heathens.

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