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There are few attorneys in Bolivia that we would recommend personally. Bolivia's legal system is complicated and unreliable in general and there is a lot of corruption. Many cases are settled by bribing judges. However:

1. Dr. Juan Carlos Urenda and his firm is very highly regarded in Bolivia. He takes on national and international civil, corporate and criminal cases. He also speaks English. He’s a graduate of American University and Harvard Law School. He practiced law in the U.S. His firm includes several other lawyers and he has offices in La Paz and Santa Cruz. Dr. Urenda has written several interesting publications and books on the Bolivian legal system and constitutional law. For international corporate cases contact Dr. Urenda using the secure form below.

Bilingual lawyer in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

2. BoliviaBella Expat Services provides basic legal services in Santa Cruz. We do not take international or criminal cases. Expat Services provides a bilingual lawyer who can assist you with immigration and residency cases, adoptions, purchase/sales contracts and more. Rebeca Gonzales is the bilingual family-law attorney we've partnered with to provide services to incoming expatriates in Santa Cruz, Bolivia Click here to learn more about all the Expat Services we offer.

3. The U.S. Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia also offers a list of lawyers (PDF File). Please note that the U.S. Embassy does not recommend any one particular lawyer. Download here.

Expat Services | Expat Forum | Live in Bolivia | Plan Your Trip

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