Another great job, Bella

by locojhon

The history you provided was both accurate and excellent, and I've got to agree with you about the decree. I doubt it will take the Courts long to invalidate it as being unconstitutional. (Whenever they get to it that is, perhaps years from now.)

Soooo,,,what is likely to be the solution? I'd bet all of the various indigenous groups get to celebrate their own holidays on their own dates and in their own ways. Evo will probably admit being just a bit over-zealous, and will correct the problem. Most of the people (except many of the business owners) will love the idea.
Can you say "YAAHOOO!!--NON-STOP PARTY"????

BTW--You are the first Bolivian I have ever heard of objecting to any kind of celebratory event. Bolivians like a party more than any other people I've ever met--any place--ever.
And I'd rather party with them than with anyone else on earth.
Are you sure you're Bolivian?
Still recovering--from Bolivia withdrawal syndrome,,,

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