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(Santa Cruz, Bolivia)

Americans now need a travel visa to enter Bolivia. If you plan to travel to Bolivia as a tourist, you must apply for a tourist visa. The cost is $160. It allows you to visit Bolivia for a total of 90 days each 365-day year that your visa is valid. You can remain the entire 90 days in one trip, or you can enter and leave Bolivia several times. However you must not exceed 90 days within any one year period. There is NO EXTENSION of the tourist visa after 90 days and tourists who remain past 90 days will be fined. You must process your visa PRIOR to traveling at the Bolivian consulate near you. See our Bolivia Visa Home Page for more details on this.

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Americans who plan to live, work, study, volunteer, or retire in Bolivia (meaning you plan to apply for residency) must NOT travel on a tourist visa. You must request a specific purpose visa (visa de objeto determinado). The cost is $85. It allows you only 30 days in Bolivia during which time you must initiate your application for residency. Once you have completed the residency application process and have turned the application in to the Bolivian Immigration Service, you are allowed to remain in the country until Immigration has returned a response either giving you residency or denying it. This visa must also be processed PRIOR to traveling at the Bolivian consulate near you. See our Bolivia Visa Home Page for more details on this.

If your question is not answered and you are still feeling confused after reading the detailed explanation on that page, please visit our Bolivia Visa Requirements Forum. See if your question has already been answered, and if it has not, enter your question.

If you plan to apply for residency in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and have arrived in the country on the correct entry visa (the specific purpose visa), BoliviaBella Expat Services can help you process your Bolivia residency application. This page was last updated on 3 July 2015.


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