Adopting a Bolivian family member

by Alejandra Antelo Novotny
(Houston, TX)

Hi there. My husband and I are wanting to adopt a family member that lives in Bolivia. I am from Santa Cruz and he is American, and we live in the US. The little girl we want to adopt is my first cousin on my mom's side of the family. Also, her parents have agreed to the adoption. Can you give me information on how this process would work?

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Nov 24, 2011
Codigo del nino/nina
by: Chilena

I'd be interested if anyone else has experience of this, as we are looking into doing something similar. However, from our understanding of Bolivian and international (Hague) law, the system is heavily stacked against any foreign - let alone US -resident attempting adoption in Bolivia. Whether or not you are adopting a family member seems to make no difference according to the Codigo del Nino. A Juez de Ninez must find the child to have been irrevocably abandoned by their birth family. The child is then generally made a ward of the state and all national options for adoption are explored before international adoption can be considered. Adoption cannot take place by means of one party agreeing to 'give' a child to a second party, and in cases of international adoption a Bolivian-approved agency in the foreign country must submit a full report with all the usual details. There is currently no such approved agency in the US. So it's a pretty hairy process and that's even before you start the US adoption paperwork. You could explore a national adoption, if you're prepared to live in Bolivia for 2 years. At this stage, we're just thinking of getting our kid over on a B1 or B2 and worrying about the rest later (-;

Aug 31, 2011
by: Anonymous

Did you ever find out how to adopt a family member?

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