Why have my lap top computers bring with held by a broker?

by Harry Beane
(Trinadad, Beni Bolivia)

I was in a US veterans hospital for two years fighting agent orange when I got better I asked my Bolivian Friends that had helped my from the very beginning what I could bring them on my return they wanted lap tops it so happened that I have a friend who's business is to refurbish lap tops so I bought 5 the family has two high school one college one teacher of language and there mother well all was ok I paid fedx to ship them to Santa Cruz ,but instead they were sent to La Paz they went to aduana , aduana set a price for customs and a broker ok I sent the broker $295 us an though the package would be given to fedx to forward to Trinadad all would be ok but not so A Mr Pena was in charge he said for job reasons he would keep the computers for a week well after that week still no package I had to get a lawyer to speak to Mr Pena an it has been three month they have been paid no delivery. Is there any one that I need to contact to get this resolved, please let me know school has started the lap tops would be useful. thank you

Harry Beane
beane harry @ yahoo.com

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