What's the rental cost in La Paz?

by Wei Lin

Hi, my husband is given a business opportunity in La Paz and we are planning moving there early year. Can you give me an idea what's the rental price, e.g. house with 3 bedrooms in a good neighbourhood? Does the rental usually comes furnished? What's the deposit?

Also I am also thinking to first learn Spanish and then look for a banking job. Do you have any good language school recommended or private tutor is better? Is it feasible for foreigner to look for a job in foreign bank such as Citibank, HSBC, etc?

Thanks and love your blog!

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Jan 24, 2012
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Me pregunto donde podria comprar ropa y zapatos de alta calidad para hombres mayores. Gracias por su ayuda.

Jul 20, 2011
House rental in La Paz
by: Anonymous

I know from traveling with my husband, who grew up in La Paz (we live in Florida USA) that Zona Sur and Sopocachi are good areas in La Paz. The upper class live mostly in Zona Sur. The rents there go from $1,000 to about $1,500. You may want to consider anticretico. Although they are becoming scarce in Bolivia. Anticretico is a contract between you and the owner (similar to a lease) for a max of 2 years. You give them a set amount of money they ask for (in Zona Sur it could be around $30,000 and up) but the good thing is you get it all back when you move out (less any damages you may have caused to the property). I hope this helps a little. My husband's family still live in La Paz, if you need help finding a place they can help you. Let me know. Good Luck on your new adventure.
Carmen Mercado (Florida,USA)

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