What is the cost of living in Cochabamba, Bolivia?

I want to move to Bolivia. I live in Australia. I want to know how much does that cost to rent a modest room and buy normal food in Cochabamba. I don't like luxury and I have also no money for it. I just want to live in modesty but without putting my health at risk. I really need a good advice. I don't want advice from young and fit people who can live under any hard circumstances and I also don't need advice from rich people who believe you can't survive without a lot of luxury. Please reply. If possible send me email to khitana@gmail.com

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Sep 22, 2014
Cost of Living in Cocha
by: Alex

I've lived out here for 2.5 years now, and typically spend around US $500 a month roughly living how you describe. Definitely doable.

Sep 18, 2014
Cost of Living in Cochabamba
by: Frank

We moved here in August 2014 from USA. Our large 3-bedroom apartment costs 1500 Bolivianos or $217 a month. It has a great view on the second story or primer piso. Doctor consult at Hospital Univalle (private) is 60 Bs for the first visit, then 10 for the next. Taxi ride anywhere in the city is no more that 20 Bs unless you get a taxi in the cancha.

Jan 07, 2013
Costs in Cochabamba or Sucre
by: Chris InBolivia

Hi there, me and my hubby left Australia nearly two years ago to live in Bolivia. I'm 44, and the fella is a few years older. We both smoke, and stuggle with our health. Food is cheap here (current exchange rate, Aus 1.00 is Bol 7.00). So, a litre of milk b5.00, 6 bread rolls b2.00, kilo of mince b32.00. Medical care is relatively cheap as well. A 3 day stay in the hospital cost me AUS$300.00, including xrays, labs, medicines and treatment. I attended to top Gastric hospital in Sucre. I'm sure cheaper care can be found. Packet of Molboro Reds b12.00, litre of coke b7.00. The bus services are low cost, I've never paid over b2.00 to get where I needed to go. Accommodation varies heaps. Swish apartment in Cochabamba, you know 3 bed, 3 bath, is around US$500 a month, a student can live in a room in Sucre, with communal kitchen, bathroom (read no hot water or water 24/7), and, laundry (read handwashing)facilities, for b300.00 a month. Hubby and I are just about to more to a tiny three story Granzonier (stairs are outside), 2 bed, 2 bath, tiny kitchen, and lounge, for b1500.00 per month. The country may be 80% catholic, and have an indigenous population somewhere between 55% to 85%, but the average punter still sips mate de cocoa, or chews cocoa leaves. The andian culture is everwhere. Best of luck to you. Remember to laugh and smile. Cheers, Chris.

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