What is it like in Bolivia?

by markus

I wonder if Bolivia would be a nice place to visit and then maybe later settle down. Me and my fiance has been planning to move to other countries. We haven't decided where to go but we will definitely move. Last year we had a chance to go to Thailand, but it was not for us. We didn't plan much where to stay and how long we were staying there in BKK. But the weather was so hot that we could barely handle it. We don't quite like the food as it was too spicy for us. We love the people though. They were friendly and we found them comfortable to be around with. However, we don't really like the beach as where we're from the beach is much more clearer. But well, I guess I cannot really compare them because it is different in each part of the world. :) What I'm trying to say is I'm trying to figure out if we should move to Bolivia. What would be the nicest place to stay if anyone can give us some suggestions, that would be awesome! Thanks in advance...

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Oct 09, 2019
A Bolivian
by: Iris zurita

Hi Markus, I totally recommend Bolivia as a place to know. As a Bolivian I love my country. There is a beautiful lands that are natural and amazing for example: Uyini, Tarija, Santa Cruz and particular Cochabamba where I’m from. There is 3 different kind of weather and those can be your options. La paz, Oruro and Potosí are cooler Bc those are night lands. But from other side, there are Cochabamba, sucre and Tarija that they are valley a pretty nice weather most of the time and last Beni, Santa Cruz and Pando those lands are tropical, warm most of the time.
However the people in the whole country is nice. You will enjoy your experience I. There. Greetings Iris

Jan 20, 2015
by: Anonymous

Excuse Marcin but i come from Bolivia and it is a really nice place to move to. There are many activities to do and some wonderful places to visit, the education is good and Marcin there are roads, La paz is a really nice city with to new things in the country, the teleferico, and the puma catari!

Nov 13, 2014
my theories
by: rosalinda soria

what is it like to live thee with the daily hygiene and the everyday routine to live the life there. What is like to live in Bolivia and what is it like to work there . what is the study of Bolivia how is their education important . do some of the kids even attend school. how or what is their culture like. what is their religion . what are their beliefs . what is the food sources what is their back round

Sep 19, 2014
What it's like in Cochabamba Bolivia
by: Anonymous

My friend I suggest you to visit Cochabamba because I was born there and the reason I learned English is because my girlfriend is from California she's American she came to visit to South America 4 years ago with a group of Americans they loved the city and they are vere returning to America because they said that they live happily here the food here in Cochabamba especially is the best in Bolivia the climate is always nice not to hot not too cold!!! People are friendly all the time!! The city is safe you'll people using their phones without being stolen !!! Also my girlfriend says that in America life is very stressful !! Here you won't feel stressed at all!! There are many tourists that settled down in Cochabamba Europeans and some other brother countries !!! Best place is Cochabamba !!!

Feb 06, 2013
What it's like in Bolivia
by: Anonymous

Bolivia is the cats meow.

Sep 02, 2011
Thailand vs Bolivia
by: Marcin

I've been there 2 times and covered porbably more territory that you can show on the map. So ad rem my friend. Try to use any arguments.

Sep 02, 2011
what an idiotic comparison
by: Anonymous

@ Marcin: You have either never been to Bolivia or didn't get around much when you were.

Sep 02, 2011
Thailand vs Bolivia
by: Marcin

Bolivia is one of the less developed countries in the world, eg. roads are almost non-existent, medical care is none besides few private hospitals in big cities like Santa Cruz. There is almost no industry so everything have to be imported eg. electronics, cars etc. When food in the streets of Thailand is super safe you can get few types of salmonella even if you only eat in good restaurants (sanitation is something unknown for Bolivians, just about like it is for Indians)
Sea food is plentiful in Thailand and non-existing in Bolivia. Good products are generally hard to get.

Internet in Thailand is slow compered to Europe, but super fast and super cheap in you look at Bolivian one! (2mb comes for a 200$, when my mother is paying less than 30$ for 50MB in Poland)
On the other hand when Thailand is commercialized and Bolivia is still mostly terra incognita, national parks are bigger than some European countries, diversity is hard to beat - in one country you have permanent glaciers, salt deserts, jungle, wetlands, colonial towns with beautiful architecture etc. - you name it, you got it!

You can also find very pleasant "spring like" climate in the valleys (Tarija, Chochabamba for bigger cities, or Samaipata - a charming little village).

Both countries are cheap. In both countries people drive like crazy, but in Thailand is more suicidal and in Bolivia more homicide tendency.
You said you don't like Thai food...well you will not like Bolivian as well, as is simply non existent. You can get some decent European food and maybe some Argentinian stake in bigger cities, in little holes you better like fried chicken and fries and prey to any god you believe that your immunological system will resist salmonella ;-)

In Bolivia you can buy land, you can learn language easily and interact with locals, you can get your permanent residency and citizenship. In Thailand and Asia in general you are always a tourist on a "visa runs", renting something, without no influence on reality, without no real interaction with locals. (even if you learn the language the cultural differences are too vast)

So it's up to you what are your priorities. It's always good to come and see, but if you expect modern, efficient country with easy access to good than simply forget it! If you can live by a rule that every day is a new adventure Bolivia may be for you. Todo es posible, nada es seguro! This is national anthem!

Feb 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

it rocks :,) :)

Jan 02, 2011
Visit first
by: Anonymous

I love Bolivia. I stongly suggest you visit first before you considere moving there.

Sep 26, 2010
what part of bolivia?
by: Anonymous

The problem with answering a question like this is that Bolivia differs SO greatly from one region to the next. It's like 2 or 3 different countries in one. Most of Western Bolivia is Andean with its main cultures being Aymara and Quechua, although the primary language throughout the entire country is Spanish. It's got mountains and valleys, colder weather, etc. Eastern Bolivia is flat and either tropical or savannah-ish, with warm to hot weather, lots of moisture and green areas, etc. There are over 30 different cultures there that influence the region, mostly Guarani, Chiquitano, Ayoreo, Chané, Moxeño, etc. These cultures are completely different. The way people dress, the languages they speak, the mentalities they have, the food they eat - all are completely different from the West. Generally, Eastern Bolivia has a more progressive mentality while Western Bolivia favors returning to government-centralized socialism, although there are supporters of that in the East too. So it rather depends of the type of lifestyle you like to lead.

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