What are some typical Bolivian meals?

by Chandler

I am doing a project about meals around the world on my blog www.harpandchanscrafts.blogspot.com. I was wondering if anyone could give me a suggestion of a traditional Bolivian meal that is served in the average home. Is it just a main dish, or are there any sides/ appetizers/ drinks? I'd love any or as many different suggestions as possible. Thanks!

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Oct 17, 2014
Typical meals in Bolivia
by: BoliviaBella.com

Bolivia is quite a large country, about the size of Texas and California combined. "Typical" meals vary greatly, by region. In addition, there are usually several typical meals in each region, and of course, you can find that these foods are also eaten in other regions of Bolivia, in places such as restaurants, or among families who have immigrated.

For example:

Majao is a "typical" dish of Santa Cruz.

Saice is a "typical" dish of Tarija.

Pique Macho is one of the typical dishes of La Paz.

Silpanchos are one of the typical meals of Cochabamba.

You can find dozens more in our Bolivian Recipes section in English

In our Bolivian Food Forum where others have posted their favorites

And over 50 more in Spanish on our Recetas Bolivianas page, also posted by website visitors.

All of these can be found by accessing our Bolivian Food Home Page.

Perhaps others will share their favorites!

If you use our recipes, please provide a link back to BoliviaBella.com

Thanks and hope this helps!

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