Welcome to Ecuador Volunteer

by Francisco Pastor
(Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador)

During the last few years a number of countries and different organizations have centered their dialogue around gaining resources in order to enter into a more global system where integration becomes the thread that connects the state, organizations and human beings. However, in participating in this system, we end up putting the least amount of focus on the most important link in the chain, human beings.

Such aggressive changes in social structures, made in order to enter into this new system, have made us more competitive and those who do not comply to these new expectations end up standing on the outside looking in, missing out on the benefits that this new integration offers for a higher of quality of life.

It is here that we ask ourselves, where are the governments, the organizations and above all, the human beings that lack the skills necessary to survive? Straying from this line of thought, the Ecuador Volunteer Foundation was created in order to try to open the channels of communication among different individuals, organizations and nations.

Through the cooperation and help of those that have had the privilege of acquiring tools like education, access to information, the idea is to share them and put them to use in areas most in need. It is our hope that this sort of action will be converted into a solid base from which to begin to develop stronger structures and equal conditions for all by awakening a new consciousness of solidarity.

People need to know that they are not alone and that they do not live alone but rather belong to a global social structure where some are weaker than others. Many individuals need our help in order to avoid living on the margin, excluded from society. The community coming together breaks the sort of individualism we are accustomed to and renews the beauty of community service. It is here that the channeling of volunteer work plays an important role in generating change and for this reason we have put into motion this organization of services that is the Ecuador Volunteer Foundation.

We appreciate the participation of all of the volunteers who have passed through our organization. Without exception, each one of them has left a significant impression on us and not only for their invaluable contributions, but also for opening their hearts.

The doors to our organization are always open to anyone or any institution that shares similar goals and objectives to promote volunteer work like actions for social development.

Francisco Pastor
Ecuador Volunteer Foundation

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