Want to Move to Bolivia

by Mark Desouza
(Delhi, India )

I am Mark Desouza an resident of the Republic of India and currently based out of Delhi. I am married and have my wife and two sons , who are aged 13 years and 10 years. They are both in school.
My wife is a medical professional a registered practicing Staff Nurse in one of India's largest Health Care and Research centers located in Delhi.
I have been associated with the Development and Relief sector for the last 16 years and have worked with some of the most well known agencies like World Vision, etc. I am now posted in Greece until July end.

It has been a long time dream for me and wife to re-locate ourselves to another country and we figured out that Bolivia could be one of the best places.

We need now some expert guidance in this matter and to how to go about the process if we wish to emigrate and live in Bolivia . The questions that come to our mind are as follows:

1. How will the process happen?
2. Do we really stand a chance as I am 48 yrs and my wife is 41 years ?
3. How long will the process take?
4. Will our children be able to get admission to school ?
5. Would language be a barrier for us ? As we do know that Spanish is the main language but English is a Universal language in every place now.
6. How or can we possess a small home in Bolivia in case we get an opportunity to re-locate on a permanent basis?
7. How would the Citizenship or legal Residency permit process work for us ? How much would it cost to have all this processed?
8. Can me and my wife get employment in Bolivia if we are accepted for Permanent Residency by your country ?
9. Can I or would I be still able to work on overseas assignments as I now work overseas?

We would be very grateful if you could help us have a few answers to these questions and you may add in some more useful information on this matter if you have so .

I do understand that we need to approach the Embassy located in our country with our Birth Certificates and the same would be translated into your language and attested by the Ministry in your country.

Looking forward to hearing back from you with some favorable information... I would love to have a reply over my email- dsoouza.mark@gmail.com

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