Volunteering at the Centro de Miembros Artificiales will strongly impact my own life from here on out

by Michelle
(La Paz, Bolivia)

"Volunteering at the Centro de Miembros Artificiales was a life-changing experience. I worked with a twenty-six year old girl named Pamela who has been living without a leg for ELEVEN years. She was so inspiring! She was determined and strong, practicing her exercises over and over. Even though she has a hard life she confronts it with a positive outlook and cheerful demeanor. Each day she progressed and walking became easier for her. She never missed a day at the Center, making the two hour commute every day.

My first day at the center I was thrown into the process. The director, Ivonne, asked me to jump right in and start giving Pamela exercises. Thinking quickly, I drew upon my Pilates background and trained her to work her abdominals and gluts and to feel length in her spine when she was walking. For the first few weeks it was impossible for her to walk without the support of the bars but little by little she made progress. When the day came that she took some steps without holding on to anything we were so happy! I think that I may have been more excited than Pamela! I´m so grateful for the experience to work at the Centro de Miembros Artificiales because it has given me perspective about my own life. The chance to help Pamela was life-changing. We developed a close relationship, building trust and understanding with one another. It's something I will never forget and will strongly impact my own life from here on out."

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