Volunteering at the Artificial Limbs Center left me feeling inspired and accomplished

by Paco
(La Paz, Bolivia)

The three months I spent working at CMA in La Paz, can easily be said to be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences of my life. Each day offered a new challenge bringing new lessons and insights that I have held close ever since.

From the day I arrived, I felt welcomed with open arms and was integrated with life at the center. The staff was incredibly helpful and my relationship with each person developed into meaningful friendships. As a volunteer, I was able to touch people lives and see the fruits of my actions actualized through the progress of each patient. From fabrication to application, every project offered a unique challenge, requiring me to be creative and adaptable. Although most of my time was spent developing a new single-blot tube clamp to attach to the feet, I was also able to translate material, fit and assist and help out around the center however possible.

Life in La Paz is buzzing and exciting, colorful and chaotic. From the traffic to the unique Bolivian cuisine, around every corner is a colorful new sensory buffet to be delighted. Most of my weekends were spent traveling to places such as Salar de Uyuni, Lake Titicaca, Coroico, and even mountain biking down the infamous “Death Road”. Travelling outside of La Paz was an immersion into a rich culture, diverse ecology and spectacular scenery.

Leaving CMA and Bolivia left me feeling inspired and accomplished. The friendships and memories I made will stay with me forever. There are no words to express the deep impact my work at CMA as imprinted on my life and I look forward to have an opportunity to return.

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