Volunteer in Bolivia with Reach Bolivia

by Iris Palacios
(La Paz, Bolivia)

I represent Reach Bolivia, which is a voluntary agency located in La Paz Bolivia.

Reach Bolivia is a local effort to bring Volunteer to Bolivia matching the volunteer skills with the organization needs, therefore you will never feel like you are doing nothing.
We offer low cost Volunteer opportunities and we want you to get the best of Bolivia and your experience.
Over the years I have heard about so many people paying thousands for coming to Bolivia for just a few weeks, and most of the big organization's money stay in UK or USA and never reaches the country, host families are payed a dime while you are getting charged 250 usd per extra week.
So its time to stop this and give a hand to local efforts and that create value projects and get everything working In Bolivia.
So support any local effort or business help us by supporting our efforts!!

Enjoy Bolivia

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May 22, 2015
great to join
by: stella

I have volunteered to many occasions under the reach people. They are great volunteer agencies and the best available in Bolivia. I have request to all the young ones in the Bolivia. People please join this agency. It is very good as a social work.

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Sep 12, 2010
Reach Bolivia- change lives of children
by: Ariel Flavin

I was in La Paz volunteering at a hospital for children for 7 weeks during July and August. I worked with disabled children there doing art therapy with them. It was an unbelievable experience.

I was immediately taken care of by Iris when arriving to La Paz. She supported me and helped me become accustomed to my new surroundings. She even took me to the airport when it was time to leave Bolivia to help me with getting my bags checked and to make sure I was off safely. With a huge heart and a wealth of wisdom, Iris is a great volunteer coordinator.

I am so thankful for this experience.

Sep 04, 2010
by: Christine Bender

Reach Bolivia is fantastic. I was for 10 weeks in La Paz and Iris from Reach Bolivia found me my volunteer place in the hospital IDAI and also a familiy where I could stay. Everything was great organized, Iris helped out where ever she could, helped with every problem and supported the volunteers during their whole stay.
Reach Bolivia is one of the best and economic agency for volunteering where I have ever found and worked with.

I felt so at home in Bolivia thx to Reach Bolivia and my family where I stayed. The job and the family were awesome and I had one of my best time in life :-)

Thx Iris nos vemos pronto!!!

Jul 26, 2010
Volunteering in Bolivia
by: Dana Hymel

I volunteered with Reach Bolivia 2 years ago and Iris was extremely professional and made sure everything went smooth during my stay. I had last minute change of plans and within a week Reach Bolivia accepted me as a volunteer and put me up in a wonderful home and accompanied me to my first day on the job at a school where I was able to feel like I made a contribution. I would recommend Reach Bolivia to anyone looking to volunteer in Latin America. I have volunteered in many countries and this program was very well run.

Jun 04, 2010
Amazing experience with Reach Bolivia
by: Jodie Booth

In April this year I spent 2 weeks on La Paz volunteering with Reach Bolivia. It was such a great way to learn more about Bolivia and begin to understand the culture, people and politics of the country.

The whole experience was professionally organized and Iris (creator and director) made you feel safe, secure and supported the whole time. Iris has ongoing partnerships with the organisations the volunteer projects are created for, so the value volunteers bring to the projects is truly appreciated. The fact that Iris is a local and has the best interests of her people and her country at the heart of the organisation is reflected in the way she communicates and teaches volunteers about Bolivia.

The homestays are well facilitated, and my family were beautiful. Despite language barriers, they looked after me like I was a part of their family. The Spanish lessons certainly helped (and my host brother made sure I did my homework!).

When I was looking for a short volunteer, so many were ridiculously expensive and not locally driven. Therefore, the money doesn't go to the people and when that organisation pulls out, there is less liklihood of sustainability of the projects. Reach Bolivia is locally managed, locally run and works for the needs of Bolivian people.

My time in La Paz was an amazing experience, I hope yours will be too!

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