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I need a sworn statement for visa application. Directions for obtaining it tell me to go to Not there. Also do I really need a yellow fever shot? an embassy worker said no. Email

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Aug 26, 2010
visa application
by: BoliviaBella

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently made changes to their website and some of the information that was on it is now missing.

You can find the instructions for the entire visa process, plus download the sworn statement for visa application, on the website of the Bolivian consulate in Washington D.C. at Click on the little box that says "Tourist Visa" and it'll take you to the page.

Even though it's the Bolivian consulate in the US, it's the same sworn statement you'll be filling out if you are from another country so you can download and print it, although the rest of the process might have some differences.

Here's our Bolivia visa requirements page and this is our Bolivia visa forum where you can look through some of the previous messages sent to see what experiences previous travelers have had.


We're getting mixed responses on the yellow fever vaccination requirement. Basically, from what we can gather, if you plan to travel to a tropical region of Bolivia it's more likely immigration will require you to have it than if you are traveling to a region, such as the Andes, where yellow fever isn't common. However, it seems to be rather sporadic with some people saying they were required to get the shot at the border because they hadn't gotten one, and others getting the shot and finding out no one even asked them about it.

I'm not sure what country you are writing from but you could ask the Bolivian consulate in your country if they think you should get it or not.

If you have religious, medical or other reasons for not wanting to get the shot, you can avoid it by getting a medical certificate. More on the yellow fever vaccination requirement here.

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