United Nations Holidays in Bolivia

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United Nations Holidays are another reason to hold events in Bolivia. Of course we don't celebrate ALL of the days listed below (or do we...hmmm...I wouldn't be surprised...)

bolivia united nations holidays

Did you know March 8th is International Women's Day? Neither did most of my friends, until they came to Bolivia. Here it's a big deal (as are Bolivia's official Día de la Mujer and some of the other World Days, like World Water Day, or World Television Day.) Even though we don't get a day off on these days, events are planned. On World Book Day, for example, there are book fairs and author signings, lectures and readings.

Some days are celebrated with more gusto than others, but large or small, there are events in place. Cruceños like to commemorate stuff - big stuff, little stuff, insignificant stuff, important stuff...it doesn't really matter. Celebrating is good for your health. You should always have room in your life for special occasions and world days and holidays and other social events.

Bolivians are a gregarious people and cruceños are open and warm, hospitable and very socially active.

So for those of you who've never celebrated a United Nations Holiday, here's an official list so you won't miss any future ones. Plan an event in your school, neighborhood, office...take the lead, be the social butterfly...spread your wings and help someone else do the same.

United Nations Holidays
United Nations Holidays

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Tourism | Live in Bolivia | | Bolivian Holidays | Planning Your Trip

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