Travelling slowly to La Paz with small child and pregnant - suggestions for stops on the way

Dear BoliviaBella, Myself and my one year old son are considering travelling from Santa Cruz to La Paz to visit my husband who has just started a short job there. I'm a bit scared about going to high altitude, for both myself and my son. I've been advised that after 2500m, we should go no more than 500m in a day (and spent a couple of nights at each place).

I think we will go via Cochabamba. Do you know of any good places we could stop of at between Cochabamba and La Paz, every 500m? (i.e. if Cochabamba is 2,700m preferably something around 3200 between there and La Paz). Also, is there somewhere to stop for a night on the way between Santa Cruz and Cochabamba?

Any other travel suggestions gratefully received. I'm also worried about Dengue, Yellow fever and Malaria in Santa Cruz.


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Sep 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

I´m sure you´ve already been by now, but anyway..
I was in exactly the same situation travelling from Santa cruz to Copacabana with my 1 year old son. I have had altitude sickness before and did not want to risk it with a small child. We are lucky in that we have relatives in Cochabamba, and we stayed with them for close to a week before continuing on. Neither I nor my son had any problems with the altitude.
I think that if you stop for a few days or more (if you have the tme or inclination) in Cochabamba, you will be aclimatized and won´t need any more stops before La Paz.

Jun 24, 2012
Traveling to lapaz
by: john

I dont think you will find any places to stay after cochabamba befre lapaz the road climbs quickly after cochabamba and you will be over 4000m within an hour or two. After this climb the road falls back to around 3600m and stays that height pretty much all the way to Lapaz.

Stops on the way to cochabamba include Samipata
good hostels and food and Comerapa one good hotel on left and no good food
hope this helps

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