Tourism in Sucre: Travel tips from the Sucre Tourism Police

The Policia Turistica, or tourism police of Sucre, Bolivia are in charge of ensuring crimes are not committed against tourists and Sucre tourist attractions. The tourist police office is located in the Infotur Sucre Tourism Information Center.

The Policia Turistica was created on 29 July 1975 and its mission is to help ensure tourist activities in Sucre are protected and tourists are safe, in addition to ensuring no one damages tourist attractions. The Sucre Bolivia tourist police have some travel tips for you (you'll find these tips written out on a brochure you can pick up inside the Infotur office):

1. As hotel personnel which areas and sites are safe for walking.

2. Keep your passport, credit cards and other documents in a safe place.

3. If case of an emergency, or if a police officer wants to board your vehicle, request they show you their identification and take a careful look at their uniform.

4. Stay alert in crowded places.

5. Before boarding a taxi, identify the driver, note the vehicle license plate number, and do not allow other unknown passengers to board.

6. Do not receive any objects from anyone prior to verifying their content.

7. Be aware that there are fake police officers with false credentials who often stop tourists, ask for your documents, and rob you.

8. Avoid entering into conversations with strangers, and if a stranger approaches you, try to memorize their physical appearance.

9. Be aware if a stranger "accidentally" spills something on you, then offers to wipe it off. While they distract you, someone else is planning to rob you.

10. Hire only accredited tour guides to show you around Sucre and the surrounding areas.

11. Use automatic teller machines near where police officers are present and never allow anyone to see your PIN number.

12. Keep your personal belongings close to you when approached by a stranger.

Policia Turistica (Tourist Police)
Dalence Street No. 1, Sucre Bolivia
Phone: 646-4811 in the Infotur office

Other important phone numbers:

Plazuela Zudañez, Calle Olañeta - Phone: 645-3152


Zona Poconas, Av. Jaime Mendoza - Phone: Dial 119

Junin Street - Phone: 644-5405

R. Villa Street - Phone: Dial 118

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Dec 26, 2014
Nice one
by: Anonymous

Hi. I have been planning to make a trip to Sucre next week. It is for a business purpose. Your insights have been quite helpful. Apparently I have no idea about the place. Thank you so much for including these important phone numbers.

Nov 12, 2014
by: Anonymous

I am constantly exposed to overcharging attempts in marcado central. Today i was asked 30BOB for kilo if mandarines. You shloud look at these kind of annoyances too. At home I pay in season for mandarines approx 8-10BOB and they are imported...

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