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by Kricket

Summer vacation is coming for most people including me, so I thought I might do something summer-related. If you're planning on going to Bolivia for the summer then check out these places:


#1 Palacio del Sal Resort

This Hotel is located at the edge of the Salar de Uyuni plains, and its name in Spanish means Palace of Salt, which is literally what it is. The Resort is built entirely out of salt. However, there is one rule - licking the walls is prohibited. (I never thought I'd ever say that.)

#2 Plaza Hotel

This Hotel has 155 rooms along with many Bolivian artifacts within, including artwork. Not only that, but you'll never have to eat out. The hotel includes a cafe, bar and restaurant along with free WI-FI in each. It's located smack dab in the heart of La Paz, on the Prado boulevard.

#3 Los Tajibos

This Hotel is located right next to the residential district of Equipetrol in Santa Cruz, and 2 kilometers from city's central plaza. It's a beautiful place with 4.5 Hectors of land covered in different vegetation, birds, and even waterfalls.(#Fancy) Plus it has a hair dressing salon and a TV Lounge. Trust you'll never leave the hotel once you arrive.

#4 The Gran Hotel

The Gran Hotel in Cochabamba is a luxurious place with luxury furniture and waiters. Some say that no hotel provides more comfort than this one.

#5 Casa Grande Hotel

This Hotel, literally meaning Big House, is surrounded by mountains in the heart of Zona Sur, which is an exclusive residential area in La Paz. It is based around excellence and perfection, with each guest getting their own special attention. Even the rooms are cozy with the latest technology. Casa Grande has a reputation for making their employees memorize important little details about their guests' lives so that next time they visit, they can be greeted like family coming home.

So I hope at least one of these made you think about spending your vacation in Bolivia. There are MANY more hotels than this but its hard to fit them all in five. Which of these sounds the fanciest to you?

Submitted 2015-06-04

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