Thermal Springs in Robore

by Carmen Mercado
(Fort Pierce Fl USA)

I enjoyed the whole ride from Santa Cruz (2 anillo) to Robore. We loved the topography, it was similar to the Grand Canyon on a much smaller scale, but just as beautiful :-) We got to see the menonitas (Mennonites) and they're farming practices. El mirador was a place we drove up to, the view was spectacular, there's tigers in the woods were we were standing....yikes. Limonsito is a town that has the best lemons in Bolivia, of course I bought some. Than from there we arrived at our destination in Robore, the locals are very kind people. The town is very small and quaint. The springs were amazing, the sand in the springs are suppose to be very healing for joint pain. The locals go there for medicinal purposes, kind of like us going to a gym or a spa they go to the springs. I like they're idea

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