The tourists aren't the only ones at fault

by Glenn
(New Zealand)

You condemn foreign tourists in your article, but do you not think that some of the blame must lie on the corrupt political, judicial and governmental systems in the country that allow them to happen in the first place? That's the real problem - try fixing that and the other problems might just go away naturally.

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Apr 14, 2009
quite right
by: Bella

Actually I'm not happy with anyone who exploited this situation, including those who exploited it for profit.

My first paragraph says: Thanks to the irresponsible actions of some PRISON STAFF and foreigners...

Further down the article I wrote (in reference to the BOOK AUTHOR/tour guide): I'm not interested in helping these guys make another cent off of what's happened. I believe they're partially responsible...

Still further down I wrote (in reference to the unscrupulous OTHER tour guides): Apparently other people outside the prison also began to give these tours for profit...

And when describing the revolt I clearly stated the PRISONERS THEMSELVES revolted because they were making illegal money from the tours.

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